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Hello, I'm Suny

Suny is the alias I use as a card's collector as well as the web master of CDV Mania and many other artistic endeavors.

A card's collector is also named a Businesscardophile.
Isn't it a strange name for a strange passion?


ma carte CDV en
The meaning of CDV

CDV stands for "Carte de Visite", French for Business card.
Business cards have existed since the 17th c. which were known as "Calling Cards".
They are now used essentially for business and with the digital era are easily designed and printed online.

Note that for the peace of all, hundreds of cards presented on the site are "modified", thus individual details such as telephone / fax, mail addresses and even names are changed and made dummy.

History :
Origins of this passion


My father was a collector himself and so following in his footsteps I begun collecting stamps at a very early age.
As a smoking teenager I decided to start collecting different brands of cigarette packs from light-tobacco to dark- tobacco, with or without filter,...

As a result I destroyed my health by going through 250 different types of tobacco.

Now being a healthy grown ups (wink) I decided to stop this self inflicting unhealthy collection by switching my focus.

In the early 80's, France was invaded by the huge phenomenon of "Lapel Pins".
I was fascinated by the wide variety of pins and most especially the designs that they showcased.

Which led to an epiphany: "Lapel Pins were essentially a marketing campaign and so would not last."

As a result of this, I decided to move on from my stamp and pin collections as it was not following in my personal belief system on what a collection really is.

The cognition...

It is an irony that I have been an electronic buyer for more than 30 years.
As such my tasks are to negotiate the cost/ benefit factors.
Thus for my personal hobby, I want to stay away from anything financially or monetary related. I am a gatherer.
I enjoy the process of researching, collecting and cataloguing similar objects.
In the business cards I have found what I was looking for.
They contains data such as logos, contacts info and identity.
I like having them in easy reach to peruse on my own time.
The business card is here to stay.
It is not going anywhere and they are freely given.

My collection of CDV was born!


One rule:
I don't sell anything , I don't buy!


Important point: This collection has no cash value and is a private matter, it is in no way used for commercial or other purposes.
For thirty years, I stack the cards from all horizons, of all types, beautiful and very original, some not always pretty or without interest.
It brings me around and I even in the past, liquidated some of my collection of stamps sending letters to embassies to get cards from foreign countries!

Few collectors are presented but without much real passion in response to organized exchanges.

One that changed everything

A chance that Internet has allowed me to know Stephane, who also collected CDV on Paris.
In this encounter with this crazy adventure sports, which has toured the world gleaning cards of all countries, a friendship was born collector unparalleled..
For over 25 years, we share this passion, without, have the same goals.
Based on honesty and mutual trust in our exchanges, we have never counted amount of cards and I will not lie and say that nearly half of the cards in my collection are certainly passed between these hands.
I take these few lines to thank especially.

Hi friend!


Technique :
On this site, the mouseover on a card where the top-right corner is lighter or darker, enough to show the back of it.
Example the banknote above.

Old parution : October 27, 2000 "Républicain Lorrain"

Collection CDV

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