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Strange cards!

A little humor for those few cards, so difficult to obtain but don't could miss this collection.
Proof that simple Earthling or interplanetary personality, we all need a business card to introduce ourselves!

Published on FB on 11/11/2016:

The CDV of the day: "Thank you and congratulations!
All fresh arrivals this morning on the oval desk, here is the new business card of Donald,
who presents us "Himself."
This is not a friend of mine but he reserved me the exclusivity!

Créated by Suny.


"First 9" well known

« hanging by a thread!»

"Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon!"


Sunk manitou Tanka Ob Waci

This man is super!

Quickly, pediatrician of any emergency!

On the sea again!

This old guy went one morning about a fireplace' story...
He left his card saying he would return Tuesday ... ?!?

Found in a suite at the bridge 12 Fhloston Paradise...

Head in stars!

Respect the code

« thumbs down »


By receiving a promotion of card "for Dummies" I was immediately inspired to create this little card.
"Collect business cards for Dummies" A plagiarism assumed to honor the series "... for Dummies".

( Published in "The CDV of the day" on the FaceBook of November 8, 2015.)


Here is the card of Michel, a friend.
it always makes me laugh to think about motivations of the company boss,
replacing its commercial agent named 'Lherbette' ( Lherbette says in French 'l'air bête' = 'look stupid' )
by a another named 'Rusé'...( 'rusé' in french = 'foxy' )

Much hope of success, this tell you puts pressure!

joke01 joke02


What tell a collector of CDV when he meets another collector of CDV?

--- Answer: click below ---

Here is my card!


Real card
of a Champagne grower
touting this famous
national drink
Luxury and good taste
of French ...

An invitation to
Museum of Vine and Wine .

card switches and ...

We see what we want to see!

Dark parenthesis

Evening of January 7, 2015
Stunned by the news of the slaughter Charlie Hebdo fell in the day on medias, I watch news on the Internet and trying to understand what is happening in this stupid and deadly world.
Very affected, I decided to express my supporting my way, imagining an unlikely card
that illustrates my disgust of this horrible attack.

Divers cartes de visite

A duo simplistic drawings of identical elements compounds but placed differently.
Some words that are running through my head come to argue the point.
I discover and use the graph of Roncin "I'm Charlie", which soon will be taken over
by the crowds and the global media.
In the urgency of the moment, I don't find the exact font that would be faithful to Charlie design.
No matter, just spontaneity is important.

And it goes, on and on ...

(A french song)

The CDV of the day: FB Published November 14, 2015
The events of that night inspires me disgust, sadness
and a card to express my support for the victims.


This is just the beginning agree ... disagree!

CDV of the day: « Tribut to Bowie »


A CDV concept in tribute to the deceased artist ... RIP

( Published in "The CDV of the day" on FaceBook January 12, 2016.)

In support of my Canadian friends ...

Divers cartes de visite

CDV of the day: FB publication May 7, 2016
A card to express my support the population suffering from this terrible fire.
(card removed from the menu page June 1)

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