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Well-filled series!
Cars and Bikes... 700 cards!

An American Legend... 200 cards!

World airline compagny
... 600 flying cards!

Photographers... 1100 cards !

Comic strips... 500 cards!

Tattoo artists... 1800 cards!

Passion Cats ... 200 cards !

Different themes of "CDV"

People regularly tell me << This collection does not make sense because it is endless! >>
In fact, I always thought it would be easier to define a framework that among all possibilities will offer CDV.
Many people collect cards only restaurant, some are attracted to very old cards others seek to acquire card a showbiz celebrity or historical / political personality...
So! Which set limits to this collection.

carte ancienne

Example of old card
The objectives:

For so many years I keep cards of all kinds, I am always asked to make a choice and I never made ​​up my mind.
Today, the design of this site for the first goal present my collection focusing on the different countries of the world. Make sure to give the desire that person on the other side of the planet, slipping some cards in an envelope, and make happy a stranger living in France.
This is already a great challenge!
Here are some themes presented ...

Novel cards:

A series close to my heart because I am particularly sensitive to the aesthetic, uniqueness and ingenuity that can be implemented to create a business card.
And I published a column on Face Book CDV Mania as the name:

" CDV of the day "

A card from my collection but not only, those of other collectors and some found on the Internet with any particular interest.

carte originale
over 400 novel cards from this publication ...

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